Do You Have Control of Your Freight?

Can You Answer These Questions…

  • How many freight invoices do you process in a month and at what cost?
  • How much business do you give each carrier?
  • How much freight do you move between your various shipping lanes?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the available freight discounts?
  • Do you know the volumes shipped and received from individual customers & suppliers?

Who Needs This Information?

If you can answer these questions you’re in the minority. If you can’t you don’t have control of your freight and it’s costing you money. We can prove it. We prove it everyday for our customers. We’ve been proving it for over 30 years.

Able Traffic Consultants is an independent freight management and consulting company. We save our clients millions of dollars in freight and freight processing costs. We make sure all of your freight transactions are well understood and act on your behalf to get the best value for your freight dollar.